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These are the job opportunities on this site for college students:

Contributors can create and edit their posts. They have to submit their posts to an admin to be published and can’t upload files and images. It’s a good position for those who want to improve their writing skills.

Authors can create, edit, and publish their posts and upload files and images. It’s a good position for those who are confident enough and good with writing.

Editors can do what an author can, as well as delete posts and create, delete, and edit new pages. They can also moderate comments and manage tags, links, and categories. It’s a good position for those who want to help keep the site up and are good with writing.

(All descriptions are from WordPress’s user roles page, with some adding/rewording by R.E.)

Applicants for these jobs must:

Be College students.
Applicants have to be college students, especially since this site is by college students and for college students. They cannot be a professor, college alumni, high school student, student’s parents, etc. Recent High School graduates planning on going to college can also apply, but they have to state what university/college they plan on going to.

Willing to write/learn about various subjects.
Applicants need to be willing and learn to write either about various subjects, such as news and reviews, or have a specific subject to write about. Willingness to write and learn will not only help writers learn about different subjects, but will also help readers learn as well. Although the writers get to pick their topic they write on, they should be willing to go more in depth about that subject and not write write about how it appears.

Passionate about the goal of the blog
Applicants need to have a passion for helping college students raise expectations of themselves and of others around them. Or they have to be willing to do and share hard things (testimonies of doing hard things, stories of people doing hard things, etc.) that will inspire college students to do hard things.

These jobs are more for the learning experience and helps expand on what one can do as a college student than about anything else. Therefore, neither of these jobs pays a salary and is on a post-once-a-month basis. Topics have to apply to the overarching theme of inspiring college students to do hard things.

If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, please comment below. I will try my best to answer the questions and concerns that pop up.

To submit an application/resume for one of these jobs, please send it here: hailgladdeninglight@yahoo.com or send a direct message on Twitter to @Raisexpectation. You can also contact us on facebook by going here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Raise-Expectations/363141903729198

To God be the glory,

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