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Thanksgiving: Looking Back and Looking Forward

We all know the history of Thanksgiving. The pilgrims, after a harsh winter and help from Native Americans, were able to collect their first harvest and gave thanks to God for it. Then, they ate with the Native Americans the first Thanksgiving meal. That harsh winter with disease and death and without food made them appreciate what they had after the harvest. They were thankful that they made it through the winter and into a better time.

However, the meaning and history can be lost in the midst of preparing for Thanksgiving Day, watching football, Black Friday shopping deals, family get-togethers, and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Sure, we’re thankful for various things like family, friends, Thanksgiving break, God, and more. More often than not, we take for granted the history. Sometime it’s gotten to the point where Thanksgiving is just another holiday.

This time, it’s different for some: those hit by Superstorm Sandy, the second costliest storm to America after Hurricane Katrina. For a lot of people, all they have are the clothes on their backs and maybe their cars. The destruction done by Sandy left hundreds homeless, yet they’re thankful. They’re thankful by how much kindness has been shown and that they’re safe. They get to feel normal after what happened. People have responded by providing Thanksgiving dinner, giving free front row seats to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and more to victims who needed food and comfort.

Looking back: the pilgrims went through a harsh winter. Three weeks ago, Sandy hit and left hundreds devastated. Looking forward: just like the pilgrims made it through the harsh winter and prospered afterwards, so will the survivors of Sandy. They’re going through rough times now, but it’ll get better.

There’s always regrowth after a storm; light after the dark; rebirth after destruction. It’s the same way with ruins. There’s always renewal and hope after ruins.

The damage has been done. It’s time to rebuild.

Let my ruins become the ground you build upon
Let my ruins become the start
Let my ruins become the ground you build it on
From what’s left of my broken heart ~Bebo Norman, Ruins


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