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Kim Jong Il

If you haven’t heard yet: Kim Jong Il, the “Dear Leader” of North Korea, is dead. He died of heart failure on Dec. 17th and was confirmed on Dec. 18th. People’s reaction to his death depend on their perspective of him.

Some people are happy about Kim Jong Il’s death. They’re probably singing something along the lines of “Ding, dong. The Witch is dead” from the Wizard of Oz movie. They saw Kim Jong Il as a dictator who threatened the world because of some of the things he did. Those things include: building nukes in spite of the US-North Korea treaty that states that North Korea wouldn’t.

However, others will be mourning because they’re sad that he’s dead. Reuters reported that both the Chinese state television and KCNA, the official news agency of North Korea, announced that North Koreans were mourning Kim Jong Il’s death.

But why are they crying over a leader who made their lives miserable? Kim Jong Il, like his father, Kim Il Sung, made the Koreans think that he was a god. Koreans think that the government’s implementing socialistic ideals for the good of the country.

What the effects of those ideals didn’t do any good for the country. For instance, the dam built that the government and media said was intended to help the country is now blamed for causing floods which ruined rice fields.

Here are links to several videos which show how North Korea looks like now because of Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung:

(Warning: videos may have foul language)

While these videos give people a look into what North Korea looks like, it’s only give a glimpse of the effects of “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il’s policies. There also seems to be a lot more going on in North Korea than what’s being presented.

Some could say what’s done is done, but it can be reversed if the North Korean government tried. However, the current situation doesn’t looks like it’s going to benefit the country in any way. Right now it seems that people will have to wait and see how the new leader does.

To God be the glory,


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