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How College Matters

Malcolm X once said: “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”Attending college now prepares us for what we can do later. How?

First, college makes jobs easier to obtain. As Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA) said: “It is virtually impossible to compete in today’s global economy without a college degree.” Jobs are harder to get without a college degree because employers want that assurance that you can do it. A college degree is a major factor that “gives managers a degree of comfort when they make you that job offer,” as MSNBC pointed out.

Second, college also helps make connections that would probably never have happened otherwise.  Connections are important not only in making friends, but also helps build a professional network. This network will help you in your goal in the field that you have chosen. Also, connections help in the direction you’ll go because they will influence your decision making process and expand on what you can do.

Finally, it gives you an opportunity to follow God more closely,  and to become better prepared to make an impact for Him. As Alex Chediak states in his book Thriving at College:

“Consider every commitment you make, every activity you sign up for, every class you choose, in light of the greater purpose of why you are at college: to develop the gifts he’s given you so as to live a life of maximum Kingdom impact.”

You are an impact in everything you do, even as you are becoming a bigger and better impact for His kingdom.

To God be the glory,


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One comment on “How College Matters

  1. Well put, Hannah. I like your blog!! 🙂

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