Do Hard Things

“This book is a refreshing wake-up call to our generation. We can do hard things and give ourselves to something huge for the kingdom of God!” —Leeland Mooring, Grammy-nominated recording artist

Do Hard Things (Multnomah Books, 2008) by Alex and Brett Harris, brothers who started the site therebelution.com for the purpose of helping teens do hard things,  not only provides reasons why teens should do hard things and why raising expectations is important, but also gives reasons why teens should be involved.

This book not only points out what the current expectations for teens are–that the teen years are more of a vacation for and that teens aren’t responsible for much– but explains how they got there. It challenges teens to change to raise these expectations by stepping up to the plate, even when the requirements are small.

But, the way I look at it, this book isn’t just for teenagers, but for all of us because all of us should be doing hard things that are outside our comfort zones. We can do hard things, and succeed at them, if we try. And if teens can change the low expectations on themselves to higher expectations, so can the rest of us change the expectations that others, and we, have on us. So, what’s stopping us? Let’s start now and raise expectations.

To God be the glory,
~R. E.


About Raise Expectations

R.E. is the founder, admin, and writer on Raise Expectations.

2 comments on “Do Hard Things

  1. Cool! I agree. What’s the point in living an easy life, anyway?

  2. If I die tomorrow, I want to have at least have lived life alive!
    Life with Christ is a blast when you follow where He leads!!

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